2017年9月12日 星期二

The Emergence of A Synthesis Model of Existence and the Man of the Sixth Race

Synthesis Model of Existence describes a model of existence that combines self-saviorship and detachment from the hierarchy: Wingmakers Chamber Two Philosophy. It is the next outcome of the Grand Experiment, and might signify a long process of the merging of the spirit and matter. Self-saviorship means instead of relying on the externals and waiting passively for redemption, the individual takes on the responsibility to perform the liberating task themselves. Detachment from the hierarchy, on the other hand, denotes a growing awareness that the connection between the individual and the Source is subtly undermined through the system/the Matrix, including layers of language, belief system manipulation, and ritual controls to intervene between the spiritual essence of entities and their source, First Source.

This long merging process begins with the sense of separation from the Source/I AM presence to finally a yearning to merge with that spirit, to return home. It also means the individual will purify the matter (i.e., the mental body, emotional body and the physical body) to the point that the entropy of one's personality is greatly reduced and that the goodness in you vastly overpowers the badness within you. This is a process of self healing that requires much patience and more loving and forgiving of oneself, which will result in personal happiness and fulfillment and helps bring forward a plan.

Although for us humanity, the sense of separation from God may feel rather intense and real as we all wonder what's the point of all this suffering while being stranded in a place that prayers never get answered. The connection with the Source is, in fact, never severed, and no matter what happens to the individual, the code that is embedded inside all human life can 'pull' them home, BUT it takes time and cooperation from us as well- a great dismay to people who wish this inner task could be fulfilled by people other than themselves.

It is not some insane experiment run by a mad scientist so that "God could experience Evil itself" or a punishment for mankind. The programming of the hierarchy has successfully led some into believing either they are "a victim of their Higher Selves", or into believing they can "find their salvation as long as they cling to believing all-this-experiment-thing-is-just-a-test-and-we-all-agree-to participate-in-it heroism scenario WITHOUT willing to acknowledge the shadows aspects within and transform them. The self-healing process can be compromised significantly if that individual is to keep denying his/her feelings and clinging to old beliefs. Whatever thoughts and feelings that are still remaining and hidden inside that person, if those thoughts can't be dealt with right now, they will have to be dealt with sooner or later.

As is suggested by Cobra, if one is to follow this path of shadow integration, one needs to admit all shadow aspects within, observe and be a loving witness to them- be more loving and understanding of yourself. There is a difference between a true connection with one's I AM presence, and a mental belief .  People need to be crytal-clear of what they truly pine for, because a mental belief might help you today, it might no longer serve you tomorrow. A mental belief could break a man fully apart when "another higher truth is introduced". With a true connection, however, one STILL will feel that frustration (to say no frustration at all would be like telling people not to see the elephants in the room); but a sort of bonding will be made at an internal level that you begin to know you are NOT alone in this mire, despite still having some doubts and unpleasantness regarding where your future lies. Of course people will have doubt until they are 100% sure of everything, and it is highly unlikely we will get our answers until the final breakthrough and beyond. It is up to each individual's decision on how to deal with their own doubt.

(July 6, 2017, Cobra Second Interview)

EM: During these years, although we might have some quarrels with our family, it doesn't necessarily mean we don't love them. When we calm ourselves down, we just move along and cherish the time we spend together. Some people are asking whether this form of relationship can be applied to the relationship with our I AM presence and even to the Light Forces?

C: Yes.

The genetic mind of human species has, unfortunately, been enhanced since the fall of mankind when the Dark Forces successfully bred humanity doubts and distrust toward their Source, and humanity made a very unwise decision to experience such a harsh evolution path without putting up a good fight, and worse, developing a deep-rooted mental belief that only through the evolutionary path of harshness and predictment can make a soul, soul. It is because of humanity's ignornance and arrogance that have put all the starseeds in the wheels of karma, that have made this liberation task extremely challenging, with a great number of starseeds not only forgetting their missions, but also ending up getting lost themselves. And in the self-pity of the  humanity comes the harshest accusation that NO beings in the universe can EVER understand their pains and agony, when in fact, Ascended Masters and starseeds have altogether incarnated here thousands of lives simply to hold the light for them, but at the same time with the jeopardy of themselves being brainwashed and getting lost.

(March 4, 2016, Cobra First Interview)

EM: Corey mentioned that our DNA has been manipulated to the extent that we tend to worship people who are always better than us, that we worship Gods and others who claim to be the spokesperson. This is done so that we will never look within. But apparently altering our DNA alone is not enough, propaganda is also employed to minimize the possibility for people to turn within. So, the cabal really go all out to tamper our will to connect within, but no matter what they do, the possibility for people to look inward is always there and can never be severed "completely". Is that correct?

C: Yes

EM: So, that's a wonderful news, because some people might question if we were "born" in this way, genetically-wise, how could we ever be able to turn the table. Since we are on this, would you say this has always been the case in each cycle that the majority of the human race are reluctant to look inward for answers?

C: Especially in the last 5000 years or so.


In previous civilizations, the Light Forces tried all their best to stop mankind from leading themselves onto a path of self-destruction, but in vain. The shadow aspects of the human genetic mind keeps 'steering' them into an extreme focus on service to oneself, just as the majority of the human population still are today, trapped inside a loop where they keep feeding themselves an unquenchable thirst for things that attempt to satisfy all the five senses. Service to Oneself has outweighed Service to Others, with a staggering number of people being insanely apathetic to things and other people around them. That's the very reason why the Dark Forces can keep so many agenda hidden from the surface population. If we do not want history to repeat itself again, the only people that can rectify all this madness is: ourselves, the humanity. After digesting the data dump of disclosure and the much-needed time to heal ourselves, a day will come when we have to make a decision to either move on and hope we don't repeat our mistakes again, or keep getting mired down in our mistakes or holding onto a life that no longer serves the higher purpose of us.  

(July 6, 2017, Cobra Second Interview)

EM: According to “Unveiled Mysteries”, humans were intended to lead a life in prosperity and abundance with God and that was the very reason why humanity were created at first so as to live as Father and Son, but humanity at that time felt they were "less perfect" than Gods, disregarded Gods' warning about their impending adversity during cycle after cycle and worse, were later manipulated by the dark forces to doubt the Source, and thus they were not so ready to shoulder their responsibility as a co-creator? Is that correct?

C: Yes, that is correct. 

EM: Is that why shadows must be integrated now if people wish to take that sovereignty back?

C: Yes, of course.

The genetic mind of the human species is the single most powerful component of the hierarchy and it is formed by the very conditions of the human instrument living in a three-dimensional, five-sensory context that is all-consuming. It seems like all is lost when living in a low-vibration density for such a great length of time, and there is no way humanity could retrieve back their 12 strands DNA all by themselves. Nevertheless, it seems like a help from above has already been underway: Oraphim. Hence to repair the human DNA and restore that higher consciousness with their I AM presence, a cleansing process will begin where an individual must surrender all their old belief systems, fear and doubts to their I AM presence. It is only through the determination of that individual and his/her cooperation can the merging be as harmonious as possible. Though there might be various healing technologies after the Event to repair humanity's DNA, it seems like there might still be a long way to go before we can get rid of our own shadow aspects like inflated ego, intricacy of the human mind, fear, doubts, and so on so forth. Honesty to one's soul paves the way. This synthesis process probably also catalyzes the emergence of the Man of the Sixth Race.

(July 6, 2017, Cobra Second Interview)

EM: Is it true a new type of being would come into emergence as a result of this shadow integration? A brand new kind, called the Man of the Sixth Race?

C: Basically the Man of the Sixth Race is the next stage of evolution which has already started a few centuries ago and this new stage of evolution is having a quantum leap right now and will have the biggest quantum leap at the time of the Event.

Some might find this synthetic process correlate with Empowered Ascension, for that ascension is earned when that individual is fully committed in shadows integration and releasing all the 3D attachments that no longer serve them. Though it is earned, this does NOT necessarily mean every humanity is on this path of ascension, for ascension is the birthright of every sentient being, and it is likely that everyone will have their ascension when the timing is right. It is likely that the majority of the human population need to be more Service to Others instead of Service to Oneself, but how to obtain their own ascension is still unknown for now. Besides, NOT every humanity is on the same path of spiritual growth, and NOT everyone will find their place in the Golden Age. With that being said, the more people make that decision to be honest with their souls and integrate whatever shadows they might have, the more people will be saved. This is all part of a plan, and a time when there is a great need for Ascended Masters. One thing to bear in mind is ascension is NOT all about the opening of one's third eye, retrieving 12 strand DNA, or having any psychic abilities developed like telepathy, teleportation or farsight. Its major focus should be put onto the expansion of one's consciousness, which may or may not induce various reactions from that individual because of living in a time of oblivion for too long. That's why there is a lot of need for healing, especially the healing for your past. This process puts one's honesty and patience into great test, when we choose either to doubt our Source just like we used to, or "dance with this patient Spirit inside" that has always been listening and protecting though we might keep tripping and falling in the steps that are still unfamiliar to the majority of us.

The main problem, however, still lies greatly in how the surface population copes with their fear and shock once knowing not only have they been living in the illusion and spiritual enslavement in this life, but also in many of their past incarnations for the last 25k years. Many of the unawakened Starseeds will also be caught up in this trauma simply because the truth is way too overwhelming for anyone to handle, which has invariably pushed people into embarking on the endless search for a higher purpose that could justify all this madness and pacify their wounded souls. No one has the courage to face the music where almost every aspect of your life is under such close surveillance and with lives severely endangered by the Dark Forces, let alone the spine-chilling spiritual imprisonment.

Some will refuse to accept this truth, claiming it's just an "illusion" and continue to lead an old life by default; or, they "receive messages" from their higher selves that they are the messengers of Gods/disciples of Ascended Masters, that they've been outside this quarantine many times, and now returned to save everyone if people follow and worship them. Just because the Dark Forces and the cabal are arrested, it doesn't mean the greed of humanity will stop, as some would still wish to live their old lives and "jump on at such an opportunity of big time". The only savior people can rely upon is themselves, unless we still want to hand over our sovereignty to others as we used to before the deluge of the Atlantis and even until modern times, to politicians.

One thing we need to be on the same page is that a hero/heroine would accomplish nothing IF the rest of the population still wish to continue that old life and give up their sovereignty to that hero/heroine, which will only allow the history to repeat itself again. There will also be people who snarl at the Light Forces or the Ancient Guardian Race as if it were the duty of these beings to "always" protect them, but refuse to cooperate with these sentient beings and shoulder a bit of their own responsibility. The Golden Age will be a time when we, the humanity, have to work as a collective, rather than individuals, so we need to discard whatever heroism that is remaining. It will take time for some people to truly realize "Never do to others what you don't want others to do to you". And there is little the Light Forces can do if we refuse to take a bit responsibility of our own. What makes the Guardian Race leave in previous civilization? And why can't we feel the presence of Ascended Masters if we continue to let that programming tell us what defines a master.  It makes one wonder.

(Jan. 18, 2017, Cobra Interview by International Golden Age Group)

Jedi : How would Jesus, Buddha and other ascended beings present themselves on the surface of the Earth after the Event, especially after the First Contact ?

C : They will not present themselves at the moment of the Event, they will present themselves at a certain moment after the first contact, when the consciousness of humanity is high enough to accept those beings as they are, and not how they imagine them to be in this moment. So there will be a great deal of deprogramming taking place before that happens, and humanity will be able to understand and experience their energy directly when the time is right, and that will be quite some time after the Event and a little bit after the First Contact.

But what is Synthesis? Synthesis is actually not a new notion at all. In fact, almost everyone is consciously or subconsciously synthesizing BEFORE the disclosure. Because back then, there was greater possibility for ordinary people to embrace their lights and shadows, which could be correlated with "advantages and drawbacks". If it is just advantages and drawbacks, then this integration process "roughly" equals to EQ management, where that individual is morphing into a person of positive thinking. People were more tolerant of their own advantages and drawbacks before disclosure. Why? Because people used to believe it is who they are. For instance, a kid might argue with their parents all the time, but it doesn't mean they don't love them. An individual might have many drawbacks, but it does NOT necessarily mean they are a horrible person. A child might be a great heavy metal music lover, but it does NOT necessarily mean they are wicked.

However, things are no longer the same once people know they've been instilled with all this mind control and constantly suppressed in every possible way. People find themselves "a victim" being brought up in the personality family (Aurora 2012, p. 234), and their perspectives on their parents shift as well, with some, in spite of all this, still choosing to forgive and move on. Worse yet, people no longer see themselves as the beautiful angels they once were, and they feel resentful toward the beings who have "stained" their purity without their permission. Starseeds, particularly, might have the biggest trauma as they've all wondered what's the point of sacrificing all this to assist mankind, but ended up being lost in the mission and giving up on their angelic lives in higher density.

It is because of this disclosure-induced shock, pain, and indignation that a fine line between the Light and the Dark is drawn, with people beginning to doubt themselves as some sort of genetically mutated creatures out of some insane genetic experiment. People might begin to develop fixed notions about what is light and what is dark, what is good and what is wrong, and their self-identity could be lost for good. One thing we have to bear in mind is the programming does NOT define us, WE get to decide who we want to be now or in the future.

Those awakened have had the same fair share of shocks, fears, pains, doubts, resentments, and inner struggles for the last few years. This inner struggle is rather intense and requires one being as patient and as loving and forgiving to oneself 'as possible'. We must give ourselves the much-needed time to walk out of this haze of pain, and it cannot be done over night. It is only after the releasing of the past can the healing phase truly begin. It will then be up to each individual's freewill to choose how to "express" themselves. Will we deny being such a being so less perfect than Gods like we used to in previous civilizations, or will we start to accept this past, and choose to move on? Those who wish to set themselves free from both polarity could refer to the following two articles by SusannaThorpe-Clark: Integrating Unity, and Making Sense of the Ascension Journey.

By Iona