2018年6月4日 星期一

The Spark

In the past few years, our compassion toward other people has been put into great test. Our internal and external differences have also made it much more difficult for us to feel sympathy for one another. There is no one to blame for, if there is, it should be the matrix itself. With our respective interests and soul paths, some are into energy, and others are into shadow integration. Trauma can thus arise from this two paths. People who pursue the path of channeling energy have to stand the peculiar look and the constant mocking and ridiculing from persons nearby. And those who choose to integrate their shadows also have to constantly stand other people's moral standard and judgement of being impure and having too much negativity. The respective soul paths and current trauma, together with our own trauma in the past, have shaped our distinctive personality. The way we were raised, our family and friends, also shape our characteristics in some way. This is our primary internal differences.

Another internal differences come from our levels of acceptance toward certain piece of intel released by any light warriors or whistle blowers like Cobra, Corey Goode, David Wilcock and others. Some intel are harder to believe and takes time to digest and accept than others, such as the toplet bombs, Archons invasion, implants, scalar wave technology, the Grand Experiment, and the overwhelming fact that not a single higher dimensional being, except for Source, has a complete understanding of the hostage gridlock down here. This is our secondary internal differences, and each one of us is digesting all this data dumps on our own pace, because absorbing intel like this could be quite intense. 

External differences like financial supports, physical health and other abundances, the age of responsibility, and amounts of assistance received financially and non-financially have, to an awfully a lot extent, either facilitate or hamper our spiritual growth and, most importantly and sadly, how long we can hold on till the Event. When one puts the primary, secondary internal differences and the external differences into the equation, one gets hundreds of thousands of results of a rather wide range of people with their own unique characteristics and gifts, BUT with a common purpose and the compassion to liberate this planet. If there is one thing we learnt about the success of the Unity Meditation happened in last August, is that we somehow managed to unify our intents to create a better society for everyone of us, regardless of all our trauma, soul paths, our backgrounds and whatever we believed in, and it was a pretty huge success. Our problems alone have, unfortunately, shut ourselves away from people who might not have similar problems like us. We are having enough of this, and we are shouting and screaming toward the other group, because deep down inside, we are still pining for this mutual understanding from one another, and we agonize over not having secured it already year after year. If that spark of compassion could die out, it could also be rekindled. People who have enough of energy attacks and this extremely sense of insecurity need our help. People who sacrifice their marriage, friends, and family for the liberation of this planet need our help. And people who have less financial or non-financial supports to heal and support themselves till the Event need our help.   

2018年4月11日 星期三

Dismantling the Walls

Long ago, experiences have taught you that to survive the hostilities and the lack of harmony which exist on this planet is to build a wall of protection around yourself. Another wall is added, because every lifetime when you felt safe enough to let your guard down and began to care for someone, you ended up in cuts and bruises. In this final act of Galactic War, here you are sitting in a deep dark dungeon with all these walls of your fortress around you. The only problem is that you can barely see yourself because it is so pitch-dark in here. Your light is barely shining and no one else can see you either because the real you is lost inside.

Life is indeed a struggle, particularly this lifetime. Those caught in this final act, whether willingly or unwillingly, all face the greatest difficulty in their lives that is far beyond their imagination: the separation from not only their earthly family and friends, but also from their star beloved ones. Time, it changes everything. To you, it creates nothing wonderful and joyous other than pockets of despair, hopelessness, and abandonment. It forms separation, which then creates doubt in the point of liberating this whole planet, and even liberating oneself, and once again, more walls are added.

Walls could be torn down if people truly wish for it to happen. It can't happen overnight, but it needs to start somewhere, even if there's just one single layer. If you are tired of waiting for the Event to happen, so that all your problems can be fixed, then fix some of them on your own now, even just a bit. Some aspects are much easier to fix than financial factors. Take friendship as an example. Most people sever their ties with friends completely because they find themselves living in two worlds. That's understandable. But if a person searches for a middle ground where they can not only release attachment to people, but also hope to create as many joyous memories with them as possible, then it's feasible. It simply denotes that individual acknowledges the inevitable farewell between them and their friends/family, but the individual still tries to improve their own quality of life by cherishing the little time they could spend together while carrying out their missions. If you don't like working for a big company, then try being a freelancer temporarily, then see where it goes. The hardest thing about dismantling the walls is how to deprogram ourselves first. Living in a society that has drained and suppressed us alive has left us feeling vulnerable and reluctant to fix problems on our own. But how long can one persist if they still hold onto the Event either to happen this year, next year or the year after that, while being disappointed at not having all of their problems solved at once? And if you have already been disheartened for the last 2 to 3 years, do you seriously plan to hold onto that for the rest of the years until the Event, or start to fix even just a little bit so that your life could be improved just a bit? Year after year, you can see people who newly awoke and get too attached to Event happening if not this year, then 'definitely' next year. It's a similar mental process, and almost everyone has been there and done that, but we've all learned that's not the solution. The solution is we surround ourselves with like-minded people, form a group where we can talk and support each other, so that we can hang on much longer. It's by no means any ordinary mission that can be achieved with some kind of religion formed. Having faith and trust in the Light Forces despite them making mistakes (sometimes way too many than our heart can bear) is one thing, developing this into a religion and suppressing people's feelings is another. How many people have left this group because of their voice go unheard, their feelings toward certain things get suppressed?

People are fighting and healing their wounds of the past at such an unprecedentedly pressurized time. People could've been healed much more efficiently if groups could be formed where they could find consolation in each other, support each other, and talk about their problems. Over these years, people browse through intel pieces after pieces in the hope of finding 'chicken soup for the soul' that could help themselves navigate through this chaos. But deep down inside we all know, what we aspire is just someone we could share all this to, an outlet for our bottled-up emotion. A caring and supporting group is what we need to help us carry on and transit to a new society much more smoothly. Not a religion, not another piece of intel set from higher perspectives, and not even this article. 


2018年3月7日 星期三

The Fundamentals of Shadow Integration: Repost from The Power of True Strength in Emotion -- Keys to An Enlightened Planet

The following article by Justin Deschamps introduces a fundamental factor in shadow integration. Let's say shadow integration can ONLY happen when that individual feels SECURE enough to admit all of his/her shadow aspects, then be a loving witness to them and transform them. Individuals will embark himself/herself on an extremely risky and fatal road if they never ask or follow any safety protocols. How can one be expected to carry out their missions when they are under such brutally consecutive waves of attacks? They already have problems leading a normal and secure life, how do you expect more from them? That's demanding. When doubled with all the externally material interference (money, health, etc), individuals will only be brutally pushed again to the brink of oppression and persecution. We are at a war, and hence shadow integration must be carried out in a way that we receive more protection from the Light Forces (http://wholenessnavigator.blogspot.tw/2017/07/heavens-divide-from-sense-of-separation.html). The majority of the surface population will be spared any types of energy attack after the Event, and it is ONLY under such a circumstance can a quantum leap of consciousness truly begin. Pain and suffering don't make a soul, soul. We all learn our lessons the hard way.

by Iona


Inspirational: The Power of True Strength in Emotion -- Keys to An Enlightened Planet

The Power of True Strength in Emotion -- Keys to An Enlightened Planet
Strength is not the suppression of powerful and intense emotions, the hiding of tears or the masking of feelings.

Strength is the free expression of these things, bringing that which is locked within your being to the surface for all to see; especially yourself.

This requires true courage and bravery, specifically in a world where false strength rules the day.

A culture that seeks to shame individuals from freely expressing their inner emotional nature—their tears of joy, their cries of sadness, their eruptions of spontaneous ecstasy—is not truly strong but weak at its core; easily corrupted by tyrants, who are also cowards with respect to the truth of their being.

A society that cannot engender and support the individual in exploring and knowing the honest emotions of life can no more be prosperous than a musician that cannot sing from their heart, or an artist that glosses over the imaginative in favor of the socially acceptable aesthetic.

When a man, or woman, in the moment of volcanic emotional release, falls into the depths of their being, they undergo an energetic release of their soul that will, undoubtedly, effect a powerful healing of their mind.

A mind that knows not the pleasures of true and unwavering emotional release is caged in a prison of self-doubt and inhibition, crippled by the bonds of fear and cowardice.

Such a mind of emotional stagnation festers and distorts it's logic, becoming a monstrous thing as time goes on—a shadow that gradually consumes the light of the soul.

Do not shame others for their honest emotions, nurture them and embrace them, while also nurturing the mind that gave life to them.

Energy in motion (emotion) is like an electric current.

If the capacitor with which emotions are stored cannot find release, then how can the mind that houses this energy find solace?

How can a mind without free expression be clear and focused, truly logical and precise, if it is twisted and distorted by the emotions that putrefy like a bowel movement that cannot be released?

Only when we can release that which has been suppressed, can the depths of our being know the sublimity of clarity, where the blossoming of the soul can finally take root in fertile soil.

The challenge is to be emotionally authentic unto oneself while also being respectful of the rights of others, so they too can express themselves freely.

Allowing one to express their emotions, for themselves, is not the same as letting abuse run rampant on another.

Emotional freedom is an inner-art of feeling made plain in behavior, not to be confused with harmful deeds inflicted by immoral and unmastered minds.

Harm, whether via emotional freedom, or cold calculation, will always meet with cosmic justice; forgiveness engenders healing, while responsibility to law protects the innocent.

A culture that nurtures emotional freedom of expression, while also creating a space for these sometimes violent releases to occur in safety, is on the path to global enlightenment.

And the beings nurtured in this emotionally liberating culture will become architects of their soul's unfolding, giving life to an ever-expanding civilization founded on truth, beauty, and goodness.

Author's Note: In my personal process of awakening, contemplating reality, and philosophizing about the universe, I often receive "downloads" in the form of poems, prayers, and inspirational messages. I often keep these to myself, because they are usually quite personal. But also because, due to their non-specific nature, they can be misinterpreted. However, I feel the time has come for me to begin sharing these things with the world when I feel appropriate. As always your feedback is appreciated, along with any other insights or commentary you care to offer.

Disclaimer: These inspirational messages are written in a conclusive tone but this does not mean that the merits of the premises, claims, and arguments made herein should be taken on blind faith. The tapestry of concepts is presented in a way to facilitate a dense and concise transmission to you, the reader, in the same way as I receive them. In this way, it is arguably easier to read and receive the information from a reader's standpoint. Discernment, via careful analyses, contemplation, and discussion is always encouraged.  

Source: http://www.stillnessinthestorm.com/2018/02/inspirational-the-power-of-true-strength-in-emotion-keys-to-an-enlightened-planet.html#more

2018年2月23日 星期五

Repost: Open Letter To The Resistance: Why Lightworkers Attack Each Other

Unlike my previous articles, this one will be short … partly because of the urgent need for the Resistance, all other off-world groups & ET souls incarnated here for the first time … to receive this intel that is proving hard for them to truly ‘absorb’ … process … & thus understand at the real-world practical level … about the real reasons why surface Lightworkers attack each other.

Henceforth in this article … I’ll be speaking to all off-world groups, not only the Resistance Movement.

Reason #1: Most of us are just a few lifetimes away from going dark.

As an off-worlder … you’ll know that the Archons, were once Angels.

You know that interaction with things like the Primary Anomaly … being trapped in linear time (without getting out soon enough) … endless wounding down to soul level … along with the compounding perversion of consciousness … easily overcomes a great being of Light if they are not retrieved out of such a realm soon enough.

This is something you are aware of intellectually … but it is hard for you to truly synthesize this information in a way that actually answers the question of why Lightworkers attack each other in the context of working & fighting together for planetary liberation, without having actually experienced several lifetimes here yourself …

This article will allow you to finally truly understand this. Or as we on the surface put it … To really ‘get it’.

Because how can any Lightworker attack another, when working and fighting side-by-side?

It’s so illogical…

It’s so ugly…

It goes against everything we’re striving for…

It’s technically, literally, insane …

So what I need to do is explain to you … as an off-worlder … the technical mechanisms of how insanity works.

I will not only explain why Lightworkers attack each other in the context of fighting side-by-side against tyranny … but I will also explain why all positive groups such as the Freemasons … Templars … Christians … and all the orders we all know about that started off on the positive path from their pre-ancient mystery school roots … turned into mechanisms of tyranny.

Let’s begin … with me introducing you to the average surface Lightworker….taking a deeper look beyond the public facade of ‘love & light’ … best intentions … and smiles.

What the average surface Lightworker truly looks like

ATTN all off-worlders/Resistance personnel.

Introducing … the surface Lightworker:

Simply replace the words “Self, Real You” in the middle with “True Self of the Lightworker” …

Now imagine this chart above, as only one layer (of what’s inside a Lightworker), representing only one negative period or event … in only one lifetime. Then imagine having quite literally 5-12 layers of these per lifetime.

Then multiply all these layers by the thousands of life-times Lightworkers that have been stuck on the surface since Atlantis, have lived.

Because the majority of Lightworkers have been here since Atlantis, so we’re talking 11,000 to 25,000 years worth of lifetimes.

That’s a lot of lifetimes!

How Darkness uses this to cause attacks.

So think of each one of those words listed in the chart, as a gap, or conduit … darkness ‘accesses us’ at levels well beneath the threshold of our conscious awareness. 

Again … this is stuff you already know, but because you … as an off-worlder …

  • don’t have all these thousands of layers of interference/conduits in you

  • don’t know what it feels like to feel the energetic charge of insanity coming through one of these gaps/conduits

  • you don’t know what it feels like to be taken over or impacted like a grenade, by the energetic charge of anger, rage, pain, etc … and then having that amplified by the internal negative entities coming through that same gap/conduit.

  • you don’t know what it’s like to have your consciousness level knocked down to the ground, thus no hope of recognizing “sent” thoughts, or “sent” emotions straight from darkness.

  • you’ll never know … until you’ve experienced it yourself, to the degree & quantity that we have … on a daily basis … for the past 11 to 25 thousand years.

In other words ...

You CAN’T understand it … until you experience it HERE … and for that long.

Lets get specific, with a fairly typical example.

Two Lightworkers are talking about a project or mission. From the space of no time (outside of linear time) a negative entity (often many) scan & find a profound wound within one Lightworker. The same entity or group of entities then manipulate the other Lightworker’s consciousness to perceive something or say something through their wounding/conduit … that’s deliberately (by darkness) the worst possible thing they could have said in front of the other Lightworker … and BOOM …

… a literal energetic explosion detonates

… the red hot iron is driven deep into the emotional body component of the wound (and lets not even mention that we’re pre-disposed to emotional volatility from the genetic manipulation by the pre-Adamites)

… then the situation compounds on itself with more entities coming in amplifying the emotions to produce more “loosh” (energetic food)

… then in a premeditated way (by darkness) the Lightworker who just had the energetic red hot iron jabbed into their unresolved wounding, inevitably goes ungrounded, reactive & can’t even have time to notice this because they’ve just been struck hard … then gets manipulated by this same darkness to say the worse thing they possibly could have said in front of the other Lightworker the original significant strike came through …

… and it compounds (in terms of negative charge) again.

Now you’ve got yourself a FIGHT.

Mind you … they were having to focus & concentrate on the work at hand and on working with each other … all the while darkness has all the time in the world to orchestrate this very deliberately (because they’re outside of linear time) and strike from below the consciousness level & psychic visual awareness of the two Lightworkers trying to concentrate on lightwork.

So try working as a Lightworker for 11 to 25,000+ years under this kind of typical condition.

Good luck!

When Dealing With Darkness … Drop Logic & Reason

When dealing with the issue of Lightworkers ‘attacking’ each other, you’re not really dealing with Lightworkers or ‘poor character’ … you’re dealing with darkness itself. Lightworkers attacking each other is nothing more than a RESULT.

And because you’re dealing with darkness, you’re dealing with CRAZY …

… you’re dealing with insanity
… you’re dealing with illogic
… you’re dealing with psychopathy
… you’re dealing with phenomena that doesn’t - and can’t - make any sense … ever.

And any psychiatrists or evolved enough spiritualists will tell you … you can’t reason with CRAZY.

Now you know what sort of a fight you have on your hands.

Now you know what sort of fight WE have on our hands.

For you … after a day of hard work fighting darkness, you get to retire to a 5 star resort & sleeping quarters on board some ship.

We get to go to our bedroom that we have to work hard just to pay the rent for, and have darkness as our constant companion.

We have the charming honor of fighting (oops, sorry … ‘working’) all over again on the non-physical planes during our sleep state.

You have the very best technologies to heal yourself with, when required …

We have to wait & save up for technologies only a fraction as good as what you have access to.

Try living under such conditions for 11,000 to 25,000 years … and we’ll see how easy it is for you to keep calm next time darkness jabs real hard on an unresolved wounding through what another Lightworker says or does, below the level of their conscious awareness.

The accurate physical analogy of all this is … if darkness manipulated me through my conduits to hold a red hot piece of iron to your skin … would you keep calm & refrain from taking a punch at me?

That’s what happens to our emotional bodies, when darkness works through one Lightworker for the deliberate purpose of attacking another, to break up the network & comradery.

Do you understand now?

Passing the critical mass of ‘Internal Conduits’, that causes once great beings of Light to go dark … or be greatly puppeteered by darkness.

Remember … this is the same thing that caused once great Archangels … to go completely dark.
These were GREAT Beings of Light!

Greater than what we or you are – as far as I’m concerned … and they deserve true & special honor (for what they once were)!

The simple message under this sub-headline is … the more layers of conduits (see the above chart) you sustain … the more your inner light gets covered over or overwhelmed by the darkness within your energy system, and thus … you start to channel more darkness, and less light … beneath the level of your conscious awareness.

And we’ve ALL been there … and guilty of it to varying degrees, depending on how many layers of conduits we have … how long we’ve been stuck on this planet for … and of course, how successful we’ve been in the internal clearing & healing work.

The result?

Approximately 90% to 98% of surface Lightworkers are either rendered harmless (from darkness’s perspective) … or forced to devote all their time & energy to self-healing … with about 2% active & functional enough to have any impact.

This is why ET souls started incarnating here after WWII en masse, because the vast majority of Lightworkers who’ve been here since Atlantis (this still makes up the majority of surface Lightworkers) … were & are … largely taken out.

The result of being stuck here since Atlantis

Below is another visual demonstration that helps explain what precipitates Lightworkers attacking each other. I’m using such visuals because verbal communications have such severe limitations when one tries to express oneself to another person … let alone to an off-worlder.

Cut down genetically … blind & battered.

The true state of surface Lightworkers. The result of being trapped here & fighting (oops, sorry … transmuting) darkness in all its forms & expressions since Atlantis … WITHOUT A BREAK.

Good luck with 3D functionality!

And I haven’t even started on all the external interference!

I’m not even going to touch this whole topic at the moment … that’s the other big reason why Lightworkers “attack each other”… which will take up a whole other article … because this article has gone on for longer than I wanted, and I’ve promised my surface audience to keep my articles shorter, :- /

I'll just say, all the affects you've read so far resulting from the internal state of each Lightworker ... DOUBLE it ... and you have the external (the Veil, Archon Grid, etc) affect too.

Enough said ... (as the saying goes)!

So I’ll just finish with this.

I really hope you’re better able to understand now, why Lightworkers "attack each other", without having experienced what it’s actually like to be here for yourselves.

We love you.

We’re so relieved you’re here.

We promise ... our functionality & full potential impact on planetary liberation efforts WILL RISE, through projects like the 144,000 Activation Campaign!

Source: https://www.returntoyourtruth.com/single-post/2018/01/17/Open-Letter-To-The-Resistance-Why-Lightworkers-Attack-Each-Other